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At our firm, we’re here to make a living, not a killing; we’re not going to penalize you because you have a really nice house.  For our selling clients, we charge 1.0% for our full-service listings, payable at closing, but we cap that at $10,000.   For example, if you are selling a house for over $1 million, the charge for our services would stop at $10,000.

When you list a home, we recommend that you also offer compensation to the real estate firm of the agent who brings a buyer.   Please contact us for the details on that.   By the way, if we get buyers without an agent, then our charge to you is only the listing fee (1.0%, capped at $10,000 as noted above).   We do not accept compensation from sellers for two sides of the same transaction; you would save the commission for the agent who brings a buyer.

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