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For Our Sellers

For our selling clients, we charge 2% for our services, payable at closing.

For our selling clients who are also our buying clients, we provide $500 to you at the time of closing on the home that you’re purchasing. We document that $500 contribution in a letter to your lender and with the closing attorney.

When you list a home, you also need to offer compensation to the real estate firm that brings a buyer. We can talk with you about the specifics once we know about the nature of the property and where it is located. If we get buyers for your home who do not have an agent, you would not owe the buyer commission to anyone. We do not accept additional compensation for two sides of the same transaction.

If you are licensed in North Carolina as a real estate agent, mortgage loan officer, real estate appraiser, residential home inspector, or attorney, we have flat-fee a la carte listing prices for people who work in the real estate industry and who feel comfortable handling all aspects of listing, selling, negotiating, and closing a real estate transaction in this state for a property that they own.  Please contact one of our real estate agents for any further details.

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