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For Our Sellers

For our selling clients, we charge 2.0% for our services, payable at closing, but we cap that at $12,000.   For example, if you are selling a house for $725,000, the charge for our services would stop at $12,000 even though 2.0% of $725,000 is actually $14,500.   In that example, you’d save $2,500. You see, real estate agents don’t work that many more hours for listing and selling a higher-priced home. (At our firm, we’re here to make a living, not a killing; we’re not here to penalize you because you have a really nice house.)

When you list a home with a real estate firm in North Carolina, you also need to offer compensation to the real estate firm of the agent who brings a buyer.   That commission amount varies a little in different areas of the Triangle.   We can let you know that amount once we know where the property is located.   By the way, if we get buyers without an agent, then our charge to you is only the listing fee (2.0%, up to $12,000, as noted above).   We do not accept compensation from sellers for two sides of the same transaction.

Special Pricing for Real Estate Professionals

For a seller who is also a licensed North Carolina attorney, real estate agent, appraiser, home inspector, or mortgage loan originator, we offer limited-service listings for a flat fee of $750.   You might be wondering if we extend that professional courtesy to sellers who have a license in another state or who work in other fields.   The answer is that we’ve tried that before, and we are really confident that you need to be licensed in North Carolina in one of those five areas to benefit from a $750 flat-fee listing.   (But, of course, we still think it’s cool and all that you’re a professionally-certified carver of wooden ducks.)

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