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We are stewards of our clients’ trust.

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Our Business Model

We are stewards of our clients’ trust. As such, our work is based on three principles.

(1) We’re ethical. It isn’t about how much money you can make; it’s about how ethically you can make the money that you make. Everybody wins when ethics are the cornerstone of your business. We feel great about what we do, and our clients recognize our ethical practices and recommend us to others.

(2) We’re customer-driven. We listen, respond, and take ownership of every transaction. Our goal is to exceed expectations. If we weren’t committed to this work, we would be doing something else.

(3) We’re sincere people. We treat every person in our business walk with absolute dignity and respect. We can fight tooth and nail on behalf of our clients and still be courteous to everyone in a transaction. We want other agents to look forward to working with us for our clients.

Our Pricing Model

You might also be interested in how we price our listing services. We have handled hundreds of transactions, and we’ve been tracking lots of data. We know about how much time is involved with any transaction. We also know what other expenses we have. Like many professions, real estate work benefits greatly from having lots of information. Our data work empowers us to be extremely effective, and we pass these efficiencies on to our clients to enable us to be very competitive in our pricing.

Our Operations Approach

In addition to our business and pricing models, we also have an operations approach, which is part of our process for success. We place an emphasis on three things: (1) personal ownership of our responsibilities, (2) timely, accurate, and clear communication, and (3) concentrating our efforts on maximizing the best possible results for our clients’ goals.

These approaches create tangible positive results for our clients. For example, as part of concentrating our efforts on maximizing the best possible results for our clients’ goals, we only handle one side of any transaction for compensation. We do not participate in what is called “dual agency,” which is when one firm represents both a buyer and a seller in a transaction for additional compensation. If your home goes under contract with a buyer who is not using an agent, our compensation continues to only be the listing fee compensation. You are able to save the money that would go to a buyer’s agent.

We also know our limitations. We do not work in rental property management. We do not list vacant lots that are larger than twenty acres. Not gonna do it; wouldn’t be prudent.

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