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For our buying clients, we offer $500 to you at closing.

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We provide $500 to help pay for your having had a home inspected. We document that contribution in a letter to your lender to make sure that the lender approves. The closing attorney will likewise document this.   The seller is going to compensate us with a commission, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t use part of that resource to help cover a little part of your due diligence cost.   We don’t want a buyer to ever think that they can’t afford to have a home inspected.

As a buyer, the skills and knowledge that you need from a real estate agent range from pricing to negotiating issues from the inspection report and everything in between.   There’s so much more than merely opening a door.   Yes, we’ll get excited with you about a beautiful kitchen, but our real value-add is simple:   we’ll work to meet your needs throughout the process, period.

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