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Granville County is located on the northern border of North Carolina and the county seat is located in Oxford. The county has access to five lakes of varying sizes: Kerr Lake, Falls Lake, Lake Devin, Lake Holt, and Lake Rogers. Granville County has five municipalities: Butner, Creedmoor, Oxford, Stem, and Stovall. Granville County’s K-12 school system serves over 8,000 students and has 19 learning facilities. Granville County is something of a bedroom community. About twenty years ago, most people living in this area would not have put Granville County in as part of the Triangle, but it certainly is today, especially the residential communities that are located south of Creedmoor.

In general, Granville County’s housing prices tend to be higher in the southern end of the county and the very northern end of the county, but “higher” is a relative concept in real estate. There are always interesting opportunities for buyers and sellers in Granville County.

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