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Durham County is really the core of the Durham-Chapel Hill, NC Metropolitan Area. It is the sixth-most populous county in North Carolina. The city of Durham is the county seat.

Durham is known as the City of Medicine, USA. Healthcare is a major industry, including more than 300 medical and health-related companies and medical practices with a combined payroll that exceeds $1.2 billion annually. Durham has charm, character, interesting subdivisions, and some great residential architecture.

The city of Durham is home to Duke University, which is a key factor in Durham County real estate, of course. In addition, North Carolina Central University also anchors its area of the real estate market.

Most of the 7,000 acres of the Research Triangle Park (RTP) is in Durham County, and it houses more than 170 major research companies employing 39,000 full-time employees and 10,000 contract workers. The term Triangle was first used to refer to an area anchored by three major universities: Duke University in Durham, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University in Raleigh. In the 1950s, the three joined to help create RTP. Whether it is important to you personally or not, as a buyer or seller, the influence of RTP, and to a lesser extent the airport RDU, is an important factor in Durham County real estate.

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